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May 2017      "Give an Hour"

                       for the Elizabeth Dole Foundation &   


May 2017     Review: "The Railway Man"

                      for the Elizabeth Dole Foundation &   


May 2017     "Learn to Be the Tortoise"

                      for the Elizabeth Dole Foundation &   


May 2017     "Invisible Does Not Mean In Violation"

                      guest essayist for Walking with Memphis:   

                      Life with a Service Dog & Veteran

2020         "Unintended Consequences: Intimate Partner

                  Violence, Military Caregivers, and the Law."

                   Journal of Veterans Studies, vol. 6, no. 1, 211-225.

2019        "Cultivating a Collaborative Professional 

                 Development Culture in a University Foundations

                 Course" (with Elizabeth Patterson). Journal of 

                 Faculty Development, vol. 33, no. 3, 39-44.

2018        "Extending Experiential Learning Opportunities in                    Teacher Education: Connecting Preservice Teachers 

                 and Their Communities through Project-Based

                 Collaborations" (with Stephanie Chickadel, Kristen                   Childress, and Amanda Nix). Currents in Teaching

                 and Learning, vol. 10, no 2. CHECK IT OUT 

2018          "'God Decreed It So': The Rhetoric of Destiny in

                  1963." Living Legacies: Literary Responses to the

                  Civil Rights Movement. (Ed. Laura Dubek,

                  Routledge). CHECK IT OUT

2017          Review, The Fire Within: Shedding Light on

                  Trauma. Journal of Veterans Studies, vol. 2, no. 2

                  CHECK IT OUT 

2014          "Front and Center: Collaborating with Marine

                   Veterans in the Writing Center." Generation Vet: 

                   Composition, Veterans, and the Post-9/11

                   University. (Eds. Lisa Langstraat & Sue Doe,

                   Utah State University Press). CHECK IT OUT

2013           "'The military taught me something about

                    writing': How Student Veterans' Prior

                    Rhetorical Experiences Complicate the Novice-

                    to-Expert Continuum in First-Year

                    Composition." Composition Forum, vol. 28, 


2010            "So You've Got a Writing Assignment. Now 

                    what?" Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing,

                    vol. 1. (Eds. Charles Lowe & Pavel

                    Zemliansky, Parlor Press) CHECK IT OUT 

Guest Contributor, Online & Social Media
Academic Publications 

- The Doctor (Dr. Who, 5.4) -

“We're all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”


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